woensdag 11 mei 2016

Reports from Tuesday - Tessy sur Vire

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Report by Sandra
Today was a nice day. We going to cathedral and to the musea Bayeux. The musea was for me very boring but the cathedral was interesting. Then we have time to go the centrum but i haven't nothing to buy. Then we go to the school. When thomas was finish school we go to the party from Emma. We go to home at 22:00. This was the day. 

Report by Evy
Today the day startet at 7 a clok , we went to school and then I had to go with the school busses to Bayeux . It was a long ride but it was fun in the bus with al my friends . First in Bayeux wewent to the British War Cementery ,  it was very imprasif and I learnd a lot about the Cementery .  I learnd that there are 4648 people baried on this Cementery . Next we we tto see The Cathedral ,  this is the Cathedral of Notre Dame. And then we went to a museum Bayeux Tapestry .  first we got a headphone so we can listen to the story with was part of the museum toor , we saw a 70 feat long carpet with a story embroiede on it . Then there was a exposition about the story and then we whent to see a little movie about the story of rhe carpet . Then we gad skme free time to go shopping in the center of Bayeux , I have bought a bracelet. Then wr had to go back to the busses to go back to school , ( I was a bit sick of the winding ) When  we where at schook again I went to see the basketball les of Jule and Robin with Iris . When we came home I had a very nice meal and got a shower and whent to bed early . 

dinsdag 10 mei 2016

Report about Monday - Tessy sur Vire

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Story by Kiki:
 I started my day at 7 am, we woke up and made ourself ready and at 8 am we got on the bus we needed to wear a yellow safety jacket. at 8.20 am we got to school. Chloè went to her class and Went to Le Mont Saint Michel  it's a island with a beautiful church and shops and houses, only 70 people live there. At first we went in to the church there were many stairs. and then we got in to the church ,it was so beautiful. After that we went to the shops . I bought magnets and a keychain. It was a lot of fun. After that we went to the German graveyard/monument of the Second World War. It was very touching. On the way back to school we saw that the water was so low that you could see the ground! The French teacher told us about it. We went to the beach to watch the low water and we walked over it. Chloè  and I went after school to Chloè's horse riding. There were a lot of other people, but I think she was pretty good. I just watched. After that the mother of Chloè picket us up and when we were home we eat pizza. I showered en then nothing really happend any more.

Story by Fleur:
Today we went to Mont Saint Michel it was very beautiful and I had a lot fun with my friends but it was a shame that it was raining and the French pupils were at school and not with us so that was a shame. But it was fun. Then we went to a memorial from the WOII it was a very big memorial and there were a lot of names from the Peoples Who died. At last we went to the beach that was very fun. Then we went back home and talked about the day. We eat Pizza as dinner. It was a fun Day! 

Story by Giliano:
When we arivved at there school, i was very nerveus to  meet Archi's mother and sister. But when i meet the family it was very Nice. When we are at the home where i sleep this week, they explain how i can use the shower. First we walk around the house, that i can see the nature around the house. The first night i can't sleep.
Monday morning we stand up half past 7. Because we must be at school at half past 8, because we go to Mont Saint Michel. It is a really big churche on a island. When the water around it is low you can walk on the sand, if the water is hye you can't walk so you can walk on a way or you can take the bus. After the trip to Mont Saint Michel we visited the cemetary From the german soliders.

Story by Frieda:
this morning when I woke up we went out some food.During dinner I had tea in a soup bowl and I ate a sandwich. 
after dinner we went to get dressed and to the bus.lysa her mother had prepared a Lunches package for me with all kinds of things.
in the bus we had a yellow vest on . school come to lysa went to her class and I went to my friends. went their bubble, everyone went in a row standing on the school to hold parties in their teacher. lysa then went to her class we went to Mont Saint-Michel. e walk all the way up wet the top of the church and that a lot of stairs mances. when we first went to see the church, and when you were there ready mog yourself go romd walk through the village.  I went to see together with phayen the shops, and I also bought souvenirs for my family.
Unfortunately, it rained very day.on the way back , we went along the beach. the evening I ate pizza and you still play on the Wii.

vrijdag 18 maart 2016

Reports from Wednesday

We have discuss what we did the day before that night we have bowled next we have following two classes afternoon we have stepped that was very nice we did à game and à Tour Breda.
Saar van Berkel

Reports from Tuesday

March 15, 2016.
Frieda and Lisa. today was great fun we have together with Saar and her companion walked through town and bought liven clothes. also we are a small café drinking hot chocolate essence and we have eaten at Mc Donalds.

15 mars 2016. Frieda et Lisa. aujourd'hui était très amusant, nous avons ensemble avec la Sarre et son compagnon marchait à travers la ville et a acheté des vêtements Liven. aussi nous sommes un petit café potable essence de chocolat chaud et nous avons mangé au Mc Donalds.


At the bigin to the day we go to the city Breda en we doing an history km and after the histry km have we free time in the city. I and the Fech children goes to the H en M en the bot go to the Macdonalds. Toen we are home we going to the hockey and het was erg leuk toen we home waren gingen we chips and friekandel eten. Made by Iris

Introducing: Iris and Robin

Robin is my partner Robins is 13 years old and he lives in a hous whit 1 father 1 mother and 1 brother. The name of your brother is Simon he is 16 years old. Robin favoritte collor is red and he have 1 dog de name of this dog is Effie she is 5 years old. Robin’s favoritte food is apple and he’s favoritte kind of drink’s is Holy Soda. Robin likes computer games he likes it mores the game FIFA. Robin loves it mores cat. And Robin love eather it subject Sport. Made by Iris Vente.

Iris is 14 years old , she lives in Etten-Leur with her parends and 3sisters and 1 brother. Their name are Emma, Karlijn, Larysa and Martijn.Iris’s favorite collor is green. She have 2 fishe , their name are plant and oranje blub and heir are 1 years old . Her favorite food is chips and favoritte drink is thea. She likes Hockey and her post is right middle. She likes fishe.

Introducing: Mathieu and Baptiste

Baptiste, is 14 years old and live innormandie. He have one sister and live on a farm, with 60 cows and that is him favorite animal. Him favorite color is orange . and I wondered what would you do with a million and they keep or give to people who need it. He likes agriculture and computing.him’s favorite food is fries and steak and him’s favorite subject math and sport. He like play footbal for fun and him’s favorite club is real madrid.

Introducing: Fleur and Ophelie

My mate her name is Ophelie. She is fourteen years old. Her favorite color is blue. She likes cooking. Her favourite movie  Fast and Furious. Her favourite animal is a monkey. She never moved house. From French she like Paris the most. Her cats named Kymco and  Minette. Her dog named Tobbie. She got her glasses when she six years old.  

5 funny things about me:
1. I like take some photo of my pets.
2. I love the handball and the rugby
3. I like cooking but I don’t really know cook
4. I love the cheese
5. I like listen to music

My partner name is Fleur. Her favourite color is a pink. She likes singing. Her favourite food is a green apple. Her favourite serie is Pretty Little Liars. Her favourite subject is a gymnastic. Her favourite day is Thursday. Her favourite singer is Shawn Mendes .After school she want be a teacher.

5 funny things about me:
1.I’m collecting snowglobes.
2. I like to sing before the mirror
3. I like listenig to music
4. I’m bad at drawing
5. I laugh about stupid things


Introducing: Nena and Anais

The name of my partner is Anais Lechevalier. She is 14 years old.She has a cat, a fis hand a hamster. I have 5 cats. Her favorite color is purple. Mine is blue. She has one brother and one sister. Her favorite food is pizza. My favorite food is pasta. Anais likes to sing and dance. I’m dancing ballet. Her hair is brown. Her favorite lessen on school is history. She likes the vampire diaries. I like that to.

My partners name is Nena Geuze. She is 14 years old. Her favorite color is blue. My favorite color is purple. Her favorite food is pasta. Her favorite lessens are art and culture. I like history Her hobbies are ballet and backing cookies. My hobbies are singin and dancing. Nena has brown hair. I have that to. She has 2 sisters and 1 steph brother and 1 steph sister. Her favorite movie is Pirates of the Caribean. Mine is Vampire Diaries. Her favorite music are songs from Ed Sheeren. Mine is Rianna.

Introducing: Giliano and Archibald

Archie, is 15 years old and live in Normandie, he have a little sister from13 years old. He live with animals like, sheeps and chickens. He like to play football and he support Liverpool. He plays computer games as well, his favorite game is Fifa. His favorite food is pasta and kebab. His favorite color is red and his favorite animal is tiger and a horse.

Giliano is 13 his favourite subject is Sport, his favourite brand is Nike. His favourite international team is the Netherlands. His favourite food is Pizza and his favourite football player is Neymar. He doesn’t like school and he wants to work in the sport sector later. His favourite country is Spain and is favourite town is Paris. His favourite singer is Sam Smith and he like’s Netherland Rap.

Introducing: Cheyenne and Clement

Hi, I’m Cheyenne and i’m here today with my partner Clement. His favorite hobby’s are playing videogames like: MInecraft, Mario, Pokemon. Also his favorite animal and color are cats and blue. He likes to read books and his favorite things to read are comics like: Asterix and Obelix. He likes to play table tennis and swimming. He hasnt any animals but he loves them. The movies from Disney are his favorite movies. At school his favorite things to do and learn are: History, Sports and art. He’s afraid of spiders and scary movies like: Saw, Scream, Friday the 13th. Alicia is his sister and she is 11 years old. We have also five original and funny things like: He hates cheese and butter, he wears glasses, he likes animation paintings and he don’t talk much he is a little bit shy. He’s a good student.

Hello, I’m Clement and I will introduce Cheyenne. Firstly, she likes school and her favorites subjects are art, english and german. Her favorite colours are purple and black. She visited Hungary and Greece. Horses are her favorite animals. Her favorite landscape are the Alpes. She hates romantic movies. Her favorite to transport is with the bicycle. The group that she loves is Black Veil Brides and her favorite singer is Stromae. She has a sister, her name is Quincy. She loves ride a horse and scouting. We have also five original and funny things like: She has glasses but she never wear them because she hate it. The loves to wear black clothes, Crosses, Bracelets and necklaces. She has a lot of stones horse sculptures. She is very shy. She is a good student at school.

dinsdag 15 maart 2016

maandag 14 maart 2016

Introducing: Kiki and Chloe

Interviewer Kiki: Chloe age 13 her favorite color is black, her favorite animal is a pony, she has no music that she likes, she likes pizza, she has cat, dog, rabbit, fishes, sheep. She has 3 best friend and that are Lucia Ophelie and Albane. She practise horse riding. She has 2 sisters, the names are Maeva and Anais. She like to do chemestry on her school.

Interviewer Chloe: Kiki age 14 She has 4 rabbits a cat a hamster 2 guinea pigs 2 turtles. She likes pizza. Her favorite color is blue. She don`t have any brothers or sisters. She has a bestfriend, Her name is Fee. She like Coldplay. Her favourite movie is how train your dragon. She like english. She doesns`t practise a sport. A rabbit ( Blackie, Barnie, mijntj, namelas) a hamster ( hammi) a cat ( Mima ) A turtles ( namelas )

Chloe speak when she sleep, I never eat sushis. My grand mother is actually in Maroccco.i`m allergic at strawberry My cat sleeping my bed all of the day

Kiki: parents divorced, only child. Collects statuettes. Doesn’t like caramel, loves the nature.

Introducing: Bart and Rodrigue

Bart van den Goorbergh. I have a partner Rodrigue. He got 2 dogs fiona and eclipse. He likes soccer. His best friend is Melvyne. His favorites games are FIFA16 and Black ops 2. His favorite food is kebab. His favorite subjects are English and sport. His favorite drinks are sprite and coca cola. His favorite dessert is ice-cream. His favorite shoe mark is Adidas.

Rodrigue Gallien. I have a partner Bart. His favorite player football is Robben. His favorite club of football is Bor. Dortmund. His favorite food is chips. His favorite country is France. His favorite pet is dog. His favorite game is FIFA16. His favorite sport is soccer. His favorite style of music is trap/electro. His favorite singer is Broederliefde. His favorite mark is Adidas. His favorite subject is sport.

Introducing: Fee and Marie

Interviewer: Fee van Drunen
Marie’s favorite color is purple and blue. She has a Dog, Cat, Rabbits and three chickens. Her favorite food is french fries. She likes the band maroon 5. Marie likes to talk with people she is social. She just turned fifteen. She likes to wear comfortable clothes. Her hobbys are handball and music . She doesnt really have a favorite animal. She used to play violin but she quit. Her sisters names are celine,Beatrice,ludyvine,harmony and her brothers name is matteo. When she grows up She wants to be a airplane pilot.

Interviewer: Marie Anne
Fee passion is animation and music. She plays guitar and keyboard and sings. Her favorite food is sushi and pizza.Her brothers name is TIJN. She doesn’t have sister.She really likes THE HOBBIT AND THE ANIMATION MOVIE RISE OF THE GUARDIANS. She has a rat and fishes.Her favorite color is blood red. She wants to become a 2D animator/ character disighner.her mom is a nail artist and her father is the boss of a company that sells food installations for farm animals. Five uniqe things about us:

Interviewer: Fee van Drunen: Marie sleeps with a rabbit plushie (wich i dont find that weird). She doesnt like chocolate. Her grandfather is from Russia. She has glasses but she never wears them. She has chickens. SHe is allergic to mosquitoes.
Interviewer: Marie anne Fee is Boyish. She has crazy hair . she has a pet rat. She likes to cosplay. She likes animation.she likes to voice act.

Introducing: Yinne and Quentin

Quentin likes to work at the farm with cows. His favorite collors are red and blue. Quentin like it to play basebal with his brother. His Favorite food is a hamburger with fries. His best subjects are technologi, Spanisch and math. He has two best-friends maxence and clement. He is linstening to the music of keev. He wil in the future things to do with tractors. Quentin is 15 years old. He have one sister and two brothers.
The weard things about Quentin: He can ride a tractor. He Have collect mini- tractors. He picks up candy for his litlle brother. He likes to talk to everybody. Quentin like to joke by the teacher.

Yinnes favorite collor is black. My favorite food is everything but no vegetables. Her best-friends are tess. I listining to sgb broederliefde lil kleine ronnie flex. Yinnes best subjects are k&c and m&t. I do with my friends hang out in the city or wachting movies shopping I have a sister and with her i go to the city go shopping. I like pets, dogs. I do nothing about sport at the moment i am waithing to go hockey. I like the to speak englisch.
Weard things about Yinne: I am have a morning dip. I have a colection with fotos about histories. I verry fast lost my stuff. I renember creezie thing that nobody know only me. Everthing what i think i put hit out my mouth.

Introducing: Charlotte and Louise

Question to Louise :
What your name?
My name is Louise, I am a student in Raymond Queneau
What is your sport?
My favorite sport is horse riding .
Do have you bodherts of sisters
Yes I have on sister her name is Ninon
Do you like nederland?
Yes Its beautiful
Do missing your parents ?.
I dont miss my parents
What is your favo food?
I am crazy about pizza its my favorite food
What is your favo mucia?
My favorite music is The A Team by Ed Sheeran
W hat is de name of your boyfriend
My boyfriend is Axel
Do like you school? I dont like school but i like go to school for see my friends
Do you like your beach ?
I love go to the beach during the summer holiday

Question to Charlotte
1 What your nickname
2 What are your quality
I think hockey and laughen
3 Are you collecting special items ?
No but i have a lot of make up
5 what you hate the most ?
Home work.
6 What your favorite color?
Blue and pink
7 What the name of your friends
A lot of names
8 What the food do you hate the most
Cheese I hate
9 Do you like football
A bitt
10 What your favorite animals ?

Introducing: Lieve and Maxence

Interview with Lieve
What is Disney favorite ?
What is food favorite ?
What is favorite colours ?
What is favorite animal ?
What is subject school favorite ?
What is flower favorite ?
What is soda favorite ?
Ice Tea
What is the day week favorite ?
What is friends favorite ?
What is countries favorite

My favorite Disney is Frozen. My favorite food is Frites. My favorite colours is blue. My favorite animal is the horse. My favorite subject is Gymnastic. My favorite flower is rose. My favorite soda is Ice Tea. My favorite day week is Satuday. My favourite friend is Mirte and my favorite country is Amerika.

Interview with Maxence.
He is 15 years old. His favorite food is Sushi. He has 2 cats Garfield and Tigrou. He want to go paris at holiday. He fevorite movie is Fairy Tail. He best friend is lea. His fevorite thing in french is croissant. His fevorite collor is blue. He have 1 brother and 1 sister. His hobby is football.

Introducing: Evy and Jules

My partner is Jules.
What is your favourite color ?
his favorite color is red ,
what is your favourite movie ?
 his favorite movie is The Hunger games
do you have any pats ?
he lives in a farm , and he has a dog , cows and a cat and rabbits
have you ever sent out of class?
No he has never bin sent out of clas .
What is your favourite singer ?
His favourite singer is Kenji girac it is a franach singer .
What is your favourit food ?
His favourite food is french fries .
What do you think about Holland ?
He thinks Holland is beautiful .
Hou old is your brother ?
His brother is twelve
Have you ever bin in Holland before ?
He is never bin in Holland before .
What is your favourite sport ?
His favourite sport is basketball .

My partner is Evy ,
What is favourite color?
her favourite color is green
what are your hobbies?
 she hobbies are paint, dance
what is a favourite games?
her favourite games is party and co
what is a favourite singers?
Her favourite singers is Sam Smith.
What is a favourite actor?
Her favourite actor is jim carrey
what is a favourite food?
She thinks foreign food quite tasty, she has no favourite
How old is your brother?
Her brother is 15 years old
Have you ever been to france?
She has been already to france twice
What is your favourite animal
She favourite animal is elephant
Witch country would you go?
She would like to América

Introducing: Saar and Celia

Celia’s favorite colors are black and white. Yesterday we had fries on and that is her favorite food like me. She has four pets one dog two cats and one horse she like horses and i like it to. She has one brother he is older and is on the third grade. He is fifteen years old. She has onather brother he is jonger and sit in the CM2 grade. He is ten years old. she has not been in Netherlands but that she would like to. She has been in disneyland Parijs two times and she like that very well.

Saar’s favorite colors are blue and purple . Yesterday we had fries on and that is her favorite food like me . She has one dog . She like horses and i like it to . she has one brother he is older and he is on the fourth grade . He is fifteen years old . She has onather sister she is jonger and sit on the last class of the primery school She is twelve years old . She favorite movie is frozen . It is already go to Disneyland in paris . she as seen the Eiffel tower. her mother works as a technician at the hospital and her father is the manager of a chocolate company Later she would like to work with children.

Introducing: Sandra and Thomas

Hello, this is my partner Thomas. He is 15 years old. His favorite collor is red. His hobbies are football and shoot. Him favorite drink is coca cola. Him favorite pet are dogs. The favorite subject of Thomas is sport. He have 2 sisters, they are 17 and 4 months. He have one dog and one cat. He live in Saint-Marie-Outre-Leau. Him favorite music is rap.

Her name is Sandra. She is 15 years old. Her favorite collor is black. Her hobbies are dancing, horse riding and football. Her favorite drink is Red-bull. Her favorite social network is instagram. She born in Poland. She likes go with friends to outside. Her father work in a factory with plastic and mother in a factory to with vegatables. She likes go to cinema.


Reports from Sunday

Marie and I went to a sushi restaurant called “Ume” we ate sushi there, and it was Marie’s first time eating sushi. She really liked it but she was already full of eating candy in the bus. But at the end she did eat ice cream with me. We are laughing a lot together and we are very good friends now.
Kind regards, Fee


First we drove home. Then we showed him our home.  Aftter that we had dinner. We ate spaghetti and green salad. . After that Maxence and I walked the dog. Then he took a shower, while I am typing this. After this I guess we will try the bike and maybe we do a game, if he likes that.
Kind regards, Lieve


It was super fun today. They can't speak English very well but we use sign language. We had dinner and played games and painted nails. We go to bed early because my partner is tired and I understand that. It was a good day!
Kind regards, Tess