vrijdag 18 maart 2016

Reports from Tuesday

March 15, 2016.
Frieda and Lisa. today was great fun we have together with Saar and her companion walked through town and bought liven clothes. also we are a small café drinking hot chocolate essence and we have eaten at Mc Donalds.

15 mars 2016. Frieda et Lisa. aujourd'hui était très amusant, nous avons ensemble avec la Sarre et son compagnon marchait à travers la ville et a acheté des vêtements Liven. aussi nous sommes un petit café potable essence de chocolat chaud et nous avons mangé au Mc Donalds.


At the bigin to the day we go to the city Breda en we doing an history km and after the histry km have we free time in the city. I and the Fech children goes to the H en M en the bot go to the Macdonalds. Toen we are home we going to the hockey and het was erg leuk toen we home waren gingen we chips and friekandel eten. Made by Iris

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