maandag 14 maart 2016

Reports from Sunday

Marie and I went to a sushi restaurant called “Ume” we ate sushi there, and it was Marie’s first time eating sushi. She really liked it but she was already full of eating candy in the bus. But at the end she did eat ice cream with me. We are laughing a lot together and we are very good friends now.
Kind regards, Fee


First we drove home. Then we showed him our home.  Aftter that we had dinner. We ate spaghetti and green salad. . After that Maxence and I walked the dog. Then he took a shower, while I am typing this. After this I guess we will try the bike and maybe we do a game, if he likes that.
Kind regards, Lieve


It was super fun today. They can't speak English very well but we use sign language. We had dinner and played games and painted nails. We go to bed early because my partner is tired and I understand that. It was a good day!
Kind regards, Tess

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