vrijdag 18 maart 2016

Introducing: Nena and Anais

The name of my partner is Anais Lechevalier. She is 14 years old.She has a cat, a fis hand a hamster. I have 5 cats. Her favorite color is purple. Mine is blue. She has one brother and one sister. Her favorite food is pizza. My favorite food is pasta. Anais likes to sing and dance. I’m dancing ballet. Her hair is brown. Her favorite lessen on school is history. She likes the vampire diaries. I like that to.

My partners name is Nena Geuze. She is 14 years old. Her favorite color is blue. My favorite color is purple. Her favorite food is pasta. Her favorite lessens are art and culture. I like history Her hobbies are ballet and backing cookies. My hobbies are singin and dancing. Nena has brown hair. I have that to. She has 2 sisters and 1 steph brother and 1 steph sister. Her favorite movie is Pirates of the Caribean. Mine is Vampire Diaries. Her favorite music are songs from Ed Sheeren. Mine is Rianna.

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