maandag 14 maart 2016

Introducing: Yinne and Quentin

Quentin likes to work at the farm with cows. His favorite collors are red and blue. Quentin like it to play basebal with his brother. His Favorite food is a hamburger with fries. His best subjects are technologi, Spanisch and math. He has two best-friends maxence and clement. He is linstening to the music of keev. He wil in the future things to do with tractors. Quentin is 15 years old. He have one sister and two brothers.
The weard things about Quentin: He can ride a tractor. He Have collect mini- tractors. He picks up candy for his litlle brother. He likes to talk to everybody. Quentin like to joke by the teacher.

Yinnes favorite collor is black. My favorite food is everything but no vegetables. Her best-friends are tess. I listining to sgb broederliefde lil kleine ronnie flex. Yinnes best subjects are k&c and m&t. I do with my friends hang out in the city or wachting movies shopping I have a sister and with her i go to the city go shopping. I like pets, dogs. I do nothing about sport at the moment i am waithing to go hockey. I like the to speak englisch.
Weard things about Yinne: I am have a morning dip. I have a colection with fotos about histories. I verry fast lost my stuff. I renember creezie thing that nobody know only me. Everthing what i think i put hit out my mouth.

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