woensdag 11 mei 2016

Reports from Tuesday - Tessy sur Vire

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Report by Sandra
Today was a nice day. We going to cathedral and to the musea Bayeux. The musea was for me very boring but the cathedral was interesting. Then we have time to go the centrum but i haven't nothing to buy. Then we go to the school. When thomas was finish school we go to the party from Emma. We go to home at 22:00. This was the day. 

Report by Evy
Today the day startet at 7 a clok , we went to school and then I had to go with the school busses to Bayeux . It was a long ride but it was fun in the bus with al my friends . First in Bayeux wewent to the British War Cementery ,  it was very imprasif and I learnd a lot about the Cementery .  I learnd that there are 4648 people baried on this Cementery . Next we we tto see The Cathedral ,  this is the Cathedral of Notre Dame. And then we went to a museum Bayeux Tapestry .  first we got a headphone so we can listen to the story with was part of the museum toor , we saw a 70 feat long carpet with a story embroiede on it . Then there was a exposition about the story and then we whent to see a little movie about the story of rhe carpet . Then we gad skme free time to go shopping in the center of Bayeux , I have bought a bracelet. Then wr had to go back to the busses to go back to school , ( I was a bit sick of the winding ) When  we where at schook again I went to see the basketball les of Jule and Robin with Iris . When we came home I had a very nice meal and got a shower and whent to bed early . 

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