dinsdag 10 mei 2016

Report about Monday - Tessy sur Vire

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Story by Kiki:
 I started my day at 7 am, we woke up and made ourself ready and at 8 am we got on the bus we needed to wear a yellow safety jacket. at 8.20 am we got to school. Chloè went to her class and Went to Le Mont Saint Michel  it's a island with a beautiful church and shops and houses, only 70 people live there. At first we went in to the church there were many stairs. and then we got in to the church ,it was so beautiful. After that we went to the shops . I bought magnets and a keychain. It was a lot of fun. After that we went to the German graveyard/monument of the Second World War. It was very touching. On the way back to school we saw that the water was so low that you could see the ground! The French teacher told us about it. We went to the beach to watch the low water and we walked over it. Chloè  and I went after school to Chloè's horse riding. There were a lot of other people, but I think she was pretty good. I just watched. After that the mother of Chloè picket us up and when we were home we eat pizza. I showered en then nothing really happend any more.

Story by Fleur:
Today we went to Mont Saint Michel it was very beautiful and I had a lot fun with my friends but it was a shame that it was raining and the French pupils were at school and not with us so that was a shame. But it was fun. Then we went to a memorial from the WOII it was a very big memorial and there were a lot of names from the Peoples Who died. At last we went to the beach that was very fun. Then we went back home and talked about the day. We eat Pizza as dinner. It was a fun Day! 

Story by Giliano:
When we arivved at there school, i was very nerveus to  meet Archi's mother and sister. But when i meet the family it was very Nice. When we are at the home where i sleep this week, they explain how i can use the shower. First we walk around the house, that i can see the nature around the house. The first night i can't sleep.
Monday morning we stand up half past 7. Because we must be at school at half past 8, because we go to Mont Saint Michel. It is a really big churche on a island. When the water around it is low you can walk on the sand, if the water is hye you can't walk so you can walk on a way or you can take the bus. After the trip to Mont Saint Michel we visited the cemetary From the german soliders.

Story by Frieda:
this morning when I woke up we went out some food.During dinner I had tea in a soup bowl and I ate a sandwich. 
after dinner we went to get dressed and to the bus.lysa her mother had prepared a Lunches package for me with all kinds of things.
in the bus we had a yellow vest on . school come to lysa went to her class and I went to my friends. went their bubble, everyone went in a row standing on the school to hold parties in their teacher. lysa then went to her class we went to Mont Saint-Michel. e walk all the way up wet the top of the church and that a lot of stairs mances. when we first went to see the church, and when you were there ready mog yourself go romd walk through the village.  I went to see together with phayen the shops, and I also bought souvenirs for my family.
Unfortunately, it rained very day.on the way back , we went along the beach. the evening I ate pizza and you still play on the Wii.

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