maandag 14 maart 2016

Introducing: Kiki and Chloe

Interviewer Kiki: Chloe age 13 her favorite color is black, her favorite animal is a pony, she has no music that she likes, she likes pizza, she has cat, dog, rabbit, fishes, sheep. She has 3 best friend and that are Lucia Ophelie and Albane. She practise horse riding. She has 2 sisters, the names are Maeva and Anais. She like to do chemestry on her school.

Interviewer Chloe: Kiki age 14 She has 4 rabbits a cat a hamster 2 guinea pigs 2 turtles. She likes pizza. Her favorite color is blue. She don`t have any brothers or sisters. She has a bestfriend, Her name is Fee. She like Coldplay. Her favourite movie is how train your dragon. She like english. She doesns`t practise a sport. A rabbit ( Blackie, Barnie, mijntj, namelas) a hamster ( hammi) a cat ( Mima ) A turtles ( namelas )

Chloe speak when she sleep, I never eat sushis. My grand mother is actually in Maroccco.i`m allergic at strawberry My cat sleeping my bed all of the day

Kiki: parents divorced, only child. Collects statuettes. Doesn’t like caramel, loves the nature.

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