maandag 14 maart 2016

Introducing: Lieve and Maxence

Interview with Lieve
What is Disney favorite ?
What is food favorite ?
What is favorite colours ?
What is favorite animal ?
What is subject school favorite ?
What is flower favorite ?
What is soda favorite ?
Ice Tea
What is the day week favorite ?
What is friends favorite ?
What is countries favorite

My favorite Disney is Frozen. My favorite food is Frites. My favorite colours is blue. My favorite animal is the horse. My favorite subject is Gymnastic. My favorite flower is rose. My favorite soda is Ice Tea. My favorite day week is Satuday. My favourite friend is Mirte and my favorite country is Amerika.

Interview with Maxence.
He is 15 years old. His favorite food is Sushi. He has 2 cats Garfield and Tigrou. He want to go paris at holiday. He fevorite movie is Fairy Tail. He best friend is lea. His fevorite thing in french is croissant. His fevorite collor is blue. He have 1 brother and 1 sister. His hobby is football.

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