maandag 14 maart 2016

Introducing: Evy and Jules

My partner is Jules.
What is your favourite color ?
his favorite color is red ,
what is your favourite movie ?
 his favorite movie is The Hunger games
do you have any pats ?
he lives in a farm , and he has a dog , cows and a cat and rabbits
have you ever sent out of class?
No he has never bin sent out of clas .
What is your favourite singer ?
His favourite singer is Kenji girac it is a franach singer .
What is your favourit food ?
His favourite food is french fries .
What do you think about Holland ?
He thinks Holland is beautiful .
Hou old is your brother ?
His brother is twelve
Have you ever bin in Holland before ?
He is never bin in Holland before .
What is your favourite sport ?
His favourite sport is basketball .

My partner is Evy ,
What is favourite color?
her favourite color is green
what are your hobbies?
 she hobbies are paint, dance
what is a favourite games?
her favourite games is party and co
what is a favourite singers?
Her favourite singers is Sam Smith.
What is a favourite actor?
Her favourite actor is jim carrey
what is a favourite food?
She thinks foreign food quite tasty, she has no favourite
How old is your brother?
Her brother is 15 years old
Have you ever been to france?
She has been already to france twice
What is your favourite animal
She favourite animal is elephant
Witch country would you go?
She would like to América

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