maandag 14 maart 2016

Introducing: Charlotte and Louise

Question to Louise :
What your name?
My name is Louise, I am a student in Raymond Queneau
What is your sport?
My favorite sport is horse riding .
Do have you bodherts of sisters
Yes I have on sister her name is Ninon
Do you like nederland?
Yes Its beautiful
Do missing your parents ?.
I dont miss my parents
What is your favo food?
I am crazy about pizza its my favorite food
What is your favo mucia?
My favorite music is The A Team by Ed Sheeran
W hat is de name of your boyfriend
My boyfriend is Axel
Do like you school? I dont like school but i like go to school for see my friends
Do you like your beach ?
I love go to the beach during the summer holiday

Question to Charlotte
1 What your nickname
2 What are your quality
I think hockey and laughen
3 Are you collecting special items ?
No but i have a lot of make up
5 what you hate the most ?
Home work.
6 What your favorite color?
Blue and pink
7 What the name of your friends
A lot of names
8 What the food do you hate the most
Cheese I hate
9 Do you like football
A bitt
10 What your favorite animals ?

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