vrijdag 18 maart 2016

Introducing: Giliano and Archibald

Archie, is 15 years old and live in Normandie, he have a little sister from13 years old. He live with animals like, sheeps and chickens. He like to play football and he support Liverpool. He plays computer games as well, his favorite game is Fifa. His favorite food is pasta and kebab. His favorite color is red and his favorite animal is tiger and a horse.

Giliano is 13 his favourite subject is Sport, his favourite brand is Nike. His favourite international team is the Netherlands. His favourite food is Pizza and his favourite football player is Neymar. He doesn’t like school and he wants to work in the sport sector later. His favourite country is Spain and is favourite town is Paris. His favourite singer is Sam Smith and he like’s Netherland Rap.

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