vrijdag 18 maart 2016

Introducing: Cheyenne and Clement

Hi, I’m Cheyenne and i’m here today with my partner Clement. His favorite hobby’s are playing videogames like: MInecraft, Mario, Pokemon. Also his favorite animal and color are cats and blue. He likes to read books and his favorite things to read are comics like: Asterix and Obelix. He likes to play table tennis and swimming. He hasnt any animals but he loves them. The movies from Disney are his favorite movies. At school his favorite things to do and learn are: History, Sports and art. He’s afraid of spiders and scary movies like: Saw, Scream, Friday the 13th. Alicia is his sister and she is 11 years old. We have also five original and funny things like: He hates cheese and butter, he wears glasses, he likes animation paintings and he don’t talk much he is a little bit shy. He’s a good student.

Hello, I’m Clement and I will introduce Cheyenne. Firstly, she likes school and her favorites subjects are art, english and german. Her favorite colours are purple and black. She visited Hungary and Greece. Horses are her favorite animals. Her favorite landscape are the Alpes. She hates romantic movies. Her favorite to transport is with the bicycle. The group that she loves is Black Veil Brides and her favorite singer is Stromae. She has a sister, her name is Quincy. She loves ride a horse and scouting. We have also five original and funny things like: She has glasses but she never wear them because she hate it. The loves to wear black clothes, Crosses, Bracelets and necklaces. She has a lot of stones horse sculptures. She is very shy. She is a good student at school.

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