vrijdag 18 maart 2016

Introducing: Iris and Robin

Robin is my partner Robins is 13 years old and he lives in a hous whit 1 father 1 mother and 1 brother. The name of your brother is Simon he is 16 years old. Robin favoritte collor is red and he have 1 dog de name of this dog is Effie she is 5 years old. Robin’s favoritte food is apple and he’s favoritte kind of drink’s is Holy Soda. Robin likes computer games he likes it mores the game FIFA. Robin loves it mores cat. And Robin love eather it subject Sport. Made by Iris Vente.

Iris is 14 years old , she lives in Etten-Leur with her parends and 3sisters and 1 brother. Their name are Emma, Karlijn, Larysa and Martijn.Iris’s favorite collor is green. She have 2 fishe , their name are plant and oranje blub and heir are 1 years old . Her favorite food is chips and favoritte drink is thea. She likes Hockey and her post is right middle. She likes fishe.

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