vrijdag 18 maart 2016

Introducing: Fleur and Ophelie

My mate her name is Ophelie. She is fourteen years old. Her favorite color is blue. She likes cooking. Her favourite movie  Fast and Furious. Her favourite animal is a monkey. She never moved house. From French she like Paris the most. Her cats named Kymco and  Minette. Her dog named Tobbie. She got her glasses when she six years old.  

5 funny things about me:
1. I like take some photo of my pets.
2. I love the handball and the rugby
3. I like cooking but I don’t really know cook
4. I love the cheese
5. I like listen to music

My partner name is Fleur. Her favourite color is a pink. She likes singing. Her favourite food is a green apple. Her favourite serie is Pretty Little Liars. Her favourite subject is a gymnastic. Her favourite day is Thursday. Her favourite singer is Shawn Mendes .After school she want be a teacher.

5 funny things about me:
1.I’m collecting snowglobes.
2. I like to sing before the mirror
3. I like listenig to music
4. I’m bad at drawing
5. I laugh about stupid things


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