maandag 14 maart 2016

Introducing: Fee and Marie

Interviewer: Fee van Drunen
Marie’s favorite color is purple and blue. She has a Dog, Cat, Rabbits and three chickens. Her favorite food is french fries. She likes the band maroon 5. Marie likes to talk with people she is social. She just turned fifteen. She likes to wear comfortable clothes. Her hobbys are handball and music . She doesnt really have a favorite animal. She used to play violin but she quit. Her sisters names are celine,Beatrice,ludyvine,harmony and her brothers name is matteo. When she grows up She wants to be a airplane pilot.

Interviewer: Marie Anne
Fee passion is animation and music. She plays guitar and keyboard and sings. Her favorite food is sushi and pizza.Her brothers name is TIJN. She doesn’t have sister.She really likes THE HOBBIT AND THE ANIMATION MOVIE RISE OF THE GUARDIANS. She has a rat and fishes.Her favorite color is blood red. She wants to become a 2D animator/ character disighner.her mom is a nail artist and her father is the boss of a company that sells food installations for farm animals. Five uniqe things about us:

Interviewer: Fee van Drunen: Marie sleeps with a rabbit plushie (wich i dont find that weird). She doesnt like chocolate. Her grandfather is from Russia. She has glasses but she never wears them. She has chickens. SHe is allergic to mosquitoes.
Interviewer: Marie anne Fee is Boyish. She has crazy hair . she has a pet rat. She likes to cosplay. She likes animation.she likes to voice act.

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